Friday, January 25, 2019

Experiment 1901 Sending Packets around the Earth


   I know this sounds weird but not to someone who lives science as a normal part each day.  I would like to make sure my REST calls propagate around the globe - not just to a server on the other side of the earth and back again like from us-east-1 to the Singapore region but through us-west-2 through singapore - to europe and back to us-east-1.
    Sort of when I fly - in order to maximize the number of takeoffs and landings - I try to get the most number of stops - a direct flight is not the best way to get somewhere when testing latency - as in packets on the cable from Oregon to China are better routed through Hawaii.
    I liked Andrew Blum's "Tubes" book - which include details on the endpoints for sub-marine cables -  - I also ran into a bit of this propagation delay working at Nokia.

    First principles will be install proxies at several regions in Amazon EC2 -

This is the path we will take - hopefully no backtracking and ideally it is roughly valid - as we do not actually cross the equator - I will also try through Sau Paulo.
through the following Amazon regions

  AWS Regions

Propagation order

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