Saturday, March 21, 2015

Haswell Intel i7 5820K Overclock PC Build

In progress...
    Even though I have a recent love affair with Apple since 2011 - especially with their top of the line MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.6 GHz 4960HQ - I still need more parallel processing muscle.  Amazon offers the 18 core xeon C4-8xLarge at a spot price of $0.28 for pure Java console processing jobs - but a real physical machine is good for Oculus Rift for example.

    I have decided not to buy anymore commercial machines with low end parts and build them myself.  This article is a summary of my first build.

    Parts: I am leaning towards Asus, Corsair and Samsung parts.

    Intel Haswell i7-5820K

    Corsair liquid cooler
    Corsair case
    Corsair power supply
    Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB 2 x (4x8GB) DDR4 2666MHz CL16 Quad-Channel
    Asus X99 motherboard
    Intel SSD
    Samsung SSD

A Flir heatmap of the i7 5820, the DDR4 ram and the first GTX-970 before I added the 2nd Asus Strix card

The case after running both GTX-970 cards under load

Corsair case with 32G Corsair DDR4, i7-5820K, Corsair 100 cooler, Corsair 860i PSU and 2 Asus Strix GTX-970 in SLI

    The top i7-5960X is just too expensive at this point - with the recent drop in oil it comes out to almost $1500 just for the chip.  If you don't mind a 100MHz drop and don't plan on running 3 GPU cards then the 5820 can be substituted for the 5930 at a savings of $300

I accidentally scratched off about 5% of the factory paste.  I went ahead anyway instead of redoing it with a rice ball sized drop.  This may be why a couple of my six cores show a 10 degree difference under load.

    Dual ASUS Strix GTX-970 cards in SLI
I know that the 5820 because it only has 28 PCIx lanes - supports an SLI config of 16x/8x instead of 16x/16x.  However until I get $1500 to get a 5960X - I will run one of the cards at 8x.
Interesting that my 2nd card purchased about 2 weeks later from the same supplier has a flipped Strix logo plate - I don't know which is the right orientation.  Adding the 2nd Strix GTX-970 was pretty easy in the large Corsair case.  Running the dual GPU's ups the wattage from an idle of 240W to 505W under 17% CPU load.  Note: running the CPU at 100% as well pushed the box to 700W which is pushing my 860W Corsair PSU.
The Flir heatmap of the two SLI GTX-970 cards with their inverted logos

    After conservative overclocking to 4.2GHz using a 125MHz base clock from 100 and a 33x multiplier I see a 50% speed increase over my fastest Mac i7-4960

My Oculus Rift headset runs fine on this 5820 machine - it ran fine on my MacBook Pro 4960 as well as my Asus ROG 3610.

Need to run faster than 4.1GHz

Intel 750 NVMe to 4 x 256G Samsung 850pro raid0 runs at 8Gbps

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