Thursday, March 27, 2014

Apple MacBook Pro is the key to living the developer dream - have your iOS, your Android and Java EE

      My MacBook Pro is awesome.   On a single machine I am able to develop Java EE applications, write Android apps and of course evolve iOS mobile applications.   The high end machine is a fusion of what a developer needs.
1) Unix based OS
2) iOS development
3) Java EE development
4) Android development
5) Screen Sharing replaces RDP
6) Vmware Fusion 6 allows for running licensed versions of Windows 7 and an unlimited number of OSX 10.9 VM's
7) When installing iOS 8 beta on an iphone 5s or ipod touch 5th - you will need to cycle the device in member central as well as remove old provisioning profiles in XCode 6 | Devices - re-add them and then reconnect the device.  You will then be able to run new "Swift" coded apps from XCode 6

1) Make sure to turn off native mode for WebLogic 12c node manager on the mac
2) for Insufficient disk space error
use the flag -Dspace.detection=false

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