Saturday, June 1, 2013

Java Cloud Providers - Review


I need a PaaS cloud/hosting provider for my Java EE applications so they can run as thin client applications and also as BaaS providers for mobile applications.

Google Appspot and GAE

This service is based on the DataNucleus JPA API - which runs fine

Oracle Cloud

Oracle's service is a straight PaaS offering that runs your database as a multitenant partition.  The difference is that you can be walked through the use and installation of the paid service in person.

The Java and DB instances are priced separately at a minimum combined cost of $533/month or $6400/year.
Database S5 $175 / Month
1 Schema Oracle Database 11g Release 2
5 GB Oracle Database Storage
30 GB Data Transfer
Java S1 $249 / Month
1 Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.1+
1.5 GB RAM for Java Heap
5 GB File Storage
50 GB Data Transfer

Eclipse Integration
Get the OEPE from oracle that includes Eclipse Kepler, the OEPE plugins and WebLogic Server.


EMF injection requires static/dynamic weaving (the example entity is statically weaved)

Questions: Oracle Cloud using WebLogic and JPA 2.0|Thread: Database access from Oracle Java Cloud Service application|Thread: Related Annotations|Thread: EJB 3.1 Timer @Singleton does not start on Oracle Cloud - works locally

20130608: Oracle cloud running fine except for the Java EE container managed proxy issues.
20130608: Redeploy application (#40) job get stuck for 3 days now - there is no way for the user of the Oracle Java cloud instance to stop the misbehaving server job - rendering the cloud instance effectively offline.
20130614: solved by SR - job reset after 7 days was an anomaly - it would be good to have a watchdog process or an option to kill a long running process in the future.



Download WebLogic 12c via OEPE or Netbeans 7.3 to test your applications locally.
Update Netbeans to be cloud aware.

You will need the matching source of the excellent JPA provider (EclipseLink) that ships with WebLogic Cloud

Get the version of EclipseLink by doing something that causes an exception and viewing the stacktrace
Currently as of 20131204 the version of EclipseLink - the default JPA provider in Oracle Cloud 12c is SVN rev# 10243 version 2.3.1 from 20111018

Caused by: Exception [EclipseLink-8034] (Eclipse Persistence Services - 2.3.1.v20111018-r10243): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.JPQLException


get git -
generating keys


OpenShift (RedHat)

Cloud Foundry (VMWare)


Amazon AWS / EC2 / Elastic Beanstalk

Your own router

Rogers allows a DMZ but Bell does not.  The performance of the upstream connection is too slow though.

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