Saturday, December 1, 2012

HTML5 Geolocation API for thin clients and PhoneGap/Cordova mobile clients

The HTML5 version of the "South March Highlands Trails" GPS tracking application is running as a prototype at the following location:
The application allows anyone with a GPS enabled phone/laptop/device to see their location overlaid on top of the map created by the Ottawa Mountain Bike Association.

Everything GPS is possible via the HTML5 call:

This works well in the iPhone app for "South March Highlands Trails" I am developing that will require a lot of additional work before I can submit it for review at Apple.

1) An application server - WebLogic 12.1.1 (12c) in this case
2) An EAR - An Eclipse managed OEPE EAR/EJB/WAR project set
3) A database - The Derby 10.8 instance shipped with JDK 7
4) Web content (html 5 pages, css, javascript - possibly JQuery)
5) Several installations of PhoneGap 2.5 (for iOS6.1.1, BB10 and Android 4.2 at least)


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